Please Move Over Its The Law

December 12th, 2017 by

We have all driven passed someone pulled over on the side of the road or getting a tow. Every time we pass tow truck driver, police officer, or EMT responds to an emergency on an interstate they risk their lives. Over 200 roadside workers are killed yearly while working on the side of the road. Many drivers do not realize that there is a law in place to prevent this. It is called the “Move Over” law and it requires motorists to change lanes whenever they spot emergency personnel by the side of the road.

Here at Rusnak/Pasadena Porsche we want to make drivers aware of this law so that our roadsides can be safe for all who work them. “Move Over” laws have been implemented across America and apply to all emergency vehicles such as;

    • Ambulances


    • Tow Trucks


    • Law Enforcement Vehicles


So the next time you are heading out for a Pasadena joyride and you see these vehicles, move over and help save lives and ensure the safety of those on the shoulder.

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