Your Guide to the Best Santa Anita Canyon Hikes

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Whether you’re on foot, with your dog, on horseback, or bicycle, Big Santa Anita Canyon has a wealth to offer explorers from Pasadena, Los Angeles, and beyond. With so many vistas and gorgeous trails to choose from, you may need help picking the perfect Santa Anita Canyon hike. Explore the possibilities for your Santa Anita Canyon hike with Rusnak/Pasadena!

Hermit Falls

Coming in at 2.6 miles, this moderate trail that leads you through beautiful oaks and ferns to the bottom of the canyon, where you’ll find your fellow hikers enjoying a dip when the water is high enough. This trail takes you far away from the crowds relatively quickly, so is a great contender for a short hike.

Sturtevant Falls Trail

Sturtevant Falls, a 50-foot waterfall and one of the most breathtaking places in all of the San Gabriel Mountains, is the main highlight of this popular trail. A little longer than the Hermit Falls trail, this relaxing loop starts at Chantry Flat and could be crowded on big vacation days, so try to get there early!

Mount Zion Loop

Many visitors from both Arcadia and Glendale love to go for an early-morning jog on this beautiful trail. You’ll see a lot of stunning Santa Anita Canyon trails on this difficult path that takes you up to some stunning mountain views.

Gabrielino Trail

At 28.8 miles, this difficult trail is storied and not for casual hiking day-trips. But for those who want to spend a couple of days backpacking and enjoy one of the many camping sites along the way, this point-to-point trail offers immersive beauty in the Santa Anita Canyon and a mild introduction to long hikes.

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Rusnak/Pasadena wants to help hikers and drivers from Pasadena to Los Angeles learn more about the wonderful city we call home. If you’re tired from hiking in the Santa Anita Canyon, try these exhilarating joyrides or one of these amazing restaurants. And please contact us with your own Santa Anita Canyon hike tips, and learn more about us or even the Porsche Cayenne off-road build online.


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