Why is windshield washer fluid so important?

December 21st, 2017 by

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Windshield washer fluid is forgotten a lot of the time, but it is actually just as important as all the other maintenance for your vehicle. Windshield washer fluid is there to help keep drivers and passengers safe buy keeping the windshield clean and clear of all debris.

But that is not all it does. Windshield washer fluid is also a lubricant for all the parts involved in the system. The windshield washer system is more than just a reservoir and wiper blades. There is a pump and hoses also. Those pumps and hoses can dry out and crack and even corrode if they are not lubricated properly by the windshield wiper fluid. And that means expensive repairs. Many people think water is a substitute for washer fluid, but that is not true.

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