How Important are New Cabin & Engine Air Filters?

April 30th, 2018 by

air filter

Similar to the air filters in your home that remove dust and dirt particles from the air, the engine and cabin filters in your vehicle keep the air as clean as possible inside the car and engine.

Passenger cabin air filters trap things like pollen and allergens before they get into your car’s interior. Dirty cabin filters allow polluted air to fill the cabin and reduce the air quality for driver and passengers.

Engine air filters have a tougher job, keeping dirt, debris, dust, and other contaminants, from entering into the engine of your vehicle. These filters must be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis, otherwise, your vehicle is going to see a reduction in power and the engine will not be able to help the car to accelerate.

Schedule a tune-up with Rusnak/Pasadena Porsche and our team will make certain the air filters in the engine and cabin are replaced.

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