Headlights: Are Yours Working?

April 25th, 2018 by

Headlights are an important component of your vehicle. When you drive at night or in the rain, headlights will illuminate the road for you to see better. They also help vehicles driving in the opposite direction identify you. If your lights aren’t working, it’s not only against the law but also extremely dangerous. There’s a solution so you can drive safely at all times.

There may be problems with your headlights. The light bulb could have burned out or there may be wiring issues. The housing itself may be damaged, too. Our service technicians in Pasadena, CA can fix your headlights quickly and affordably. It will ensure it’s done right with little effort from you.

Schedule an appointment at Rusnak/Pasadena Porsche today. When you visit our service center, we can run diagnostics to learn about the problem and get your headlights working in no time at all.


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