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What is Comprehensive Insurance vs. Collision?

When it comes to auto insurance, “comprehensive vs. collision” is a question we hear often from drivers throughout Los Angeles. Car insurance can seem confusing at first, but the many options actually make it easier for you to customize your coverage, and pay only for what you actually need.

Most states require that all vehicles come standard with liability insurance. Beyond that, adding additional coverage is your call. Many Arcadia drivers decide to purchase collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, or both. What is comprehensive insurance vs. collision coverage, and how do you know which is best for you? Join the Rusnak/Pasadena service center as we compare comprehensive vs. collision insurance in the guide below.



Choosing Auto Insurance: Comprehensive vs. Collision

Additional insurance will grant you extra layers of security on the road in Arcadia. Still, it’s not always your best bet to add more auto insurance. Comprehensive vs. collision insurance will cover damage from different circumstances, and it may not make sense to pay for coverage you probably won’t need.

What is comprehensive insurance vs. collision? Comprehensive insurance covers repairs for damage incurred off the road (i.e., not a collision). This includes theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. Collision covers various damage incurred while driving.

Comprehensive Insurance: What’s Covered?

  • Damage or destruction of your vehicle due to natural disasters.
  • Theft or vandalism of your vehicle.
  • Damage resulting from collision with an animal.
  • Damage due to a tree falling on your car.

Collision Insurance: What’s Covered?

  • Damage resulting from poor road conditions, such as large potholes.
  • Damage resulting from collision with a stationary object, such as a tree or fence.
  • Damage caused by a collision with another vehicle.
  • Damage resulting from a rollover.

Comprehensive vs. Collision Insurance: Which Is Right For You?

What is comprehensive insurance vs. collision intended to do, and which will provide the best protection on your Glendale drives? When you choose auto insurance, comprehensive vs. collision coverage can come separate or bundled together. To find out which option will benefit you most, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What driving conditions do you deal with on a daily basis? Do you drive frequently on roads with potholes? Are collisions with animals or falling trees common in your area?
  • Is your car new, or does it hold a high value? How much of its original value does your car hold? Additional insurance may be worth the expense to protect a high-value vehicle.
  • What is your current financial situation? Weigh the monthly cost of insurance against the out-of-pocket cost of uncovered repairs.
  • What are your daily driving habits? Frequent driving in traffic or a long commute may put you at a higher risk of needing repairs.

You may want to consider comprehensive or collision insurance if rough roads or long commutes are part of your daily drives. Additional coverage may not be a good investment if your car is older, or if the extra cost would stretch your budget too thin.

Explore Your Auto Coverage Options in Pasadena Today!

Now that you know a bit more about auto insurance, comprehensive vs. collision coverage, and which drivers need them, reach out to our team to get started on your customized coverage plan! At Rusnak/Pasadena, we’re here to answer your questions about Porsche auto insurance, extended warranty coverage, and more.

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