Avoid Damaging Your Porsche’s Perfect Paint with this Common Mistake

August 29th, 2017 by

People who drive luxury sports vehicles like the Porsche 911 tend to take better care of their cars than most average drivers. Passengers who dare drop French fries between these seats are asking for your death-stare.

There is one type of owner-inflicted damage, however, that is more common on premium vehicles.


Larry Kosilla, host of Autoblog Details, calls them “love marks.” They are those fine scratches left in the clear coat that resemble spider webs. Kosilla explains that in his work as a professional detailer, he sees many over-attentive car lovers accidentally cause these scratches by cleaning and touching their vehicles too often.

When you get a splotch of dry Pasadena dust on your Porsche Cayenne’s fender, for example, you may be tempted to immediately wipe it clean—but doing so with a dry towel will scrape grit against the paint.

Only clean your Porsche when you have time to do it properly, with water and soap for lubrication, or bring it to a professional for a thorough detailing.

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