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In their ongoing effort to revolutionize the electric industry, Porsche has made the popular Porsche Macan SUV an all-electric model! Boasting all the great comfort, space, and power you expect from the Porsche Macan, the new Porsche Macan Electric takes fuel-efficient performance and cutting-edge electric power to new heights. But, for Glendale drivers worried about how this sports car balances performance with range, there’s one important question: What is the estimated range of the 2024 Porsche Macan Electric? Get all the details about the 2024 Porsche Macan Electric range and how to charge the 2024 Porsche Macan battery with Rusnak/Pasadena.

Estimated Range of the 2024 Porsche Macan Electric Model

Two 2024 Porsche Macan Electric trims are available for the model’s debut year, including the Porsche Macan 4 Electric and the Porsche Macan Turbo Electric. While the 2024 Porsche Macan Electric ranges have yet to be released by the EPA, the manufacturer has given some projected estimates in the runup to its release. See how much range the 2024 Porsche Macan battery can provide around Los Angeles in the Porsche-estimated ranges below:

  • 2024 Porsche Macan 4 Electric Range: 380 miles
  • 2024 Porsche Macan Turbo Electric Range: 367 miles

Charging the 2024 Porsche Macan Electric

The best way to make the most of your electric Macan’s range is to keep your 2024 Porsche Macan battery charged! When it comes to charging the 2024 Porsche Macan Electric, drivers will have several options depending on where they choose to roam. Explore the different options for charging the 2024 Porsche Macan Electric here:

  • At-Home Charging: One of the simplest ways to keep your Porsche Macan Electric charged is to charge up at home! Use the available Porsche Mobile Charger in any standard or industrial home outlet, or opt for faster charging through the Level 2 Porsche Wall Charger for convenient, hassle-free home charging. 
  • Charging On the Go: Traveling around Arcadia and need a range top-up? When you purchase a new Porsche Macan Electric, you’ll enjoy free 60-minute charging sessions at Electrify America charging stations all over town.
  • Porsche Destination Charging: If you’re planning your next luxury destination trip, Porsche makes it easy to charge your electric Macan. With the Porsche Destination Charging program, you’ll enjoy free charging at a variety of upscale hotels and resorts across 75 countries. 

Learn More About the Estimated Range of the 2024 Porsche Macan Electric at Rusnak/Pasadena!

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